Mauritanian’s rape case goes to prosecution


By Alagie Manneh

The attempted rape case involving a Mauritanian national was due to be passed onto the prosecution for determination, according to Commissioner Ramou Sambou, the head of Child Welfare Unit at the police headquarters.

Officers from the Bakau New Town community police post last month arrested a Mauritanian national suspected to have raped or attempted to have carnal knowledge of a minor.


The man, believed to be in his mid-thirties was accused of the sexual attack on a 12-year-old girl in a bakery opposite the Standard offices in Bakau.
The man has since been ‘on police bail’, leading to concerns that the suspect could go scot-free. However, Madam Sambou vowed that the matter will not be “taken lightly”.
“We should eradicate this type of nonsense against minors. The file is going to the prosecution Thursday,” she told The Standard.

Silencing the case
The mother of the victim, told The Standard about “attempts to silence the case”.
She said a man claiming to be guardian of the suspect approached her, prevailing on her to forgive and forget.

“The man wanted to give me D50,000. They have also sent some delegation here to my home including some religious leaders to beg me to let it go,” she narrated.
Lamin Fatty, the national coordinator of Child Protection Alliance, (CPA) expressed “frustration,” adding that the case should be at the court by now.

“There are a number of cases in this country but when it comes to implementation, it has always been a problem. The people tasked with enforcing our laws are not actually doing what they ought to do, and on time,” he said.

Nevertheless, Mr Fatty said the CPA is “monitoring the case and is very much interested to see its outcome”.
The victim’s father said “forgiving is the last option. He has to regret his actions”.