‘NPP Will Not Need A Second Round In 2021’


By Omar Bah

The National People’s Party of President Adama Barrow may not have come full circle yet, but its supporters are already forecasting a ‘stroll in the park’ in the 2021 election for the party.

Essa Dampha, a political aide to President Barrow told The Standard yesterday that the NPP will not even need a second round in the 2021 presidential election. ”That will be considered a failure on our side.


We are very confident that we will win in the first round and so we are not targeting to go into a Coalition in 2021 because we are thinking that we will not fail to secure an outright victory in the first round. We will beat them in the first round, there is no doubt about that,” he vowed.

Dampha said the NPP is thinking of 75% or more of the votes.
Responding to speculations that Barrow is trying to buy or woo the former ruling party, the APRC, Dampha admitted that although the NPP has “no agreement with the APRC supporters, the former ruling party are joining the NPP in their large numbers”.
He continued to say the good relationship between Barrow and the APRC leadership is a manifestation of the president’s maturity.

“The NPP is on the move and I am calling on all Gambians to come in their large numbers to join the party before it is too late,” he said, adding that the NPP is different from all other political parties.

He argued: “It is formed to usher in a new narrative in Gambian politics. We have seen people registering parties for family business or selfish interest. The NPP will be different and as nobody will be allowed to hold onto to the position of Secretary General or any other position beyond ten years”.

According to Dampha, President Barrow has proven to Gambians beyond any reasonable doubt that he is more than capable to lead the country to greatness.
“Our party will very soon unveil its organizing committee, which will prepare the grounds for its launching and congress where officials will be elected to hold positions. As we speak, nobody is assigned any position. We are all mere party supporters.

The party has been making lot of progress in taking supporters from all these big political parties because people are now realising that Barrow is the solution,” he added.
Dampha concluded: “In a week’s time we will unveil a massive defection from all the big political parties that will shock the entire country”.