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Journalism debate association ends capacity building

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By Samsideen Ceesay

The University of The Gambia Journalism school debate association Saturday ended one day capacity training for journalism students on speaking skills and basic debate skills amongst others at the university.
According to the organizers, the training is meant to provide a platform where the students would hone their skills in debating and public speaking and as well help them prepare intellectually for engagements such as the British parliamentary debate system, the Karl proper and other forms of debates.

Speaking at the event, Samba Faal a UTG lecturer said for one to be a good debater you have to read as much as possible.
“As journalists we are partaking in the most exposed profession because we write and speak to people who even know better than us. We are also the watch dogs in society and we are also chroniclers of events,” he said.
He said when it comes to debates one has to expand his/her knowledge, “Owing to that I am glad that you have some enlightened practitioners from the debate association who will give you guidance in debate and public speaking skills”.

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The president of the Journalism school debate association Musa Baldeh said the association was set up some time last year to prepare students that will be representing the school in debate championships.
“I together with five other people became the first batch of students that represented the school of journalism and Digital Media in debate championship. I am also glad that we are the first students that bring a trophy in the journalism school,” he said.

He continued: “We want to create a body that will be molding those students that will be representing the school in future engagements and this training seeks to encourage those students to showcase their talent and unleash their potential. The journalism debate association will continue to engage students that are interested in debate and public speaking”.

The vice president of the association Fatou Jeng said: “I believe this kind of platform is very important for journalism students and debaters. It is high time as journalism students we took this mantle to ensure that we are always represented in UTG activities”.
Abdoulie Sey, who is a third year student of journalism, said journalism is a profession that requires having the tenacity, wisdom and the charisma to face the challenges that come with ti.

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