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30 years foundation baffles others, not me!

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Dear editor,

Let me borrow a statement from Mr Kemokai, “inasmuch as” people think 30 years was too much for a foundation, but I believe a strong foundation was built by DK Jawara…

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During the recently concluded Client Tracing exercise conducted by UTG department of Public Health. I was lucky to ride from Kerr Sukum (Upper Niumi) to Kerr Gumbo (Jokadu) as well as from Samba Kalla(Lower Niumi) to Medina Daru/Serign Mass.


Upper Niumi is where the road connecting Buniadu to Kuntair passing through what we jokingly call “Hakalang” should have been characterised by beautiful eco-Tourism spots and fish landing sites like the one in Albreda and the abandon one in Bafulooto (Upper Niumi).

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On the other hand Fass Njaga Choi gravel road connects to Darsilami (Jokadu) in the Far East in which a connection is at Kerr Amadu that links to Kuntair. During my postings an individual told me there used to be a bus that leaves Barra for Darsilami passing through these boarder line villages such as Touba Angalleh, Malick Sarr, Kerr Omar Saine, Medina Tallen, Bali Mandinka etc.


Come on the man that came after (22/7) 1994 spoilt this country and destroyed all the foundation the father of democracy and rule of law built for The Gambia.

Is time for the new government to understand that those dilapidated roads are used by Gambians whose lives could greatly improve if those roads are worthy.


I challenge the government to set up priorities for rural development and give our people assurance rather than signing forensic contracts from a third world country never known for forensic science specialisation.

Ousman Bah

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