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The letter I sent to coalition

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Dear editor,

Please allow me space in your widely read newspaper. Back in January 11-15 2017, I did send letters to the entire coalition leader including the president, but to my utter dismay and surprise, none of them did respond to my letter in acknowledging receiving their respective letters and their opinion on my concern I raised in that letter. After the elapse of their 100 days in office, I am left with no option but pen down my anger to them through your widely read newspaper. The concern I raised was on the two latest draconian laws of the previous dictator, womanizer, autocrat, totalitarian and despot Yaya Jammeh. They are the following;
1. Female Genital Mutilation ban in the Gambia.
2. Early Child Marriage ban in the Gambia.

I call for a referendum on the aforementioned draconian laws.
Finally I would also like to bring to the attention of our coalition leaders that Gambians started to experience the same huddles or nightmare in trying to see them concerning private or some official discussion. To be specific, I have booked an appointment with the personal secretary of both Mr Ahmed Mai Fatty and that of Mr Ousainou Darboe, since 7/3/17, up to today every effort proved futile in trying to meet them. Each time I went to their respective offices to inquire about the appointment issues I will be told different stories by their secretary. Let them look into this as we don’t want any similar scenario of the former autocratic regime.

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Bakary Kora
Nema Kunku

A call for national unity

Dear editor,

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It is with great pleasure that I write and give my deepest satisfaction in the political evolution of the Gambia. The appropriateness and effective termination of wanton rule is a mandate of true democracy. This has been put in to reality by growing political maturity of Gambians and a visionary leadership of the coalition parties. Much commendation is due to all stakeholders in this attainment which comes not a surprise but as realities of salvation and freedom from cruel use of authority as such that Gambians have been subjected to for more than two decades. The contribution of nationalist Gambians in the Diaspora was a great catalyst in this dramatic success in the demise of the dictatorship regime of Yahya Jammeh. Positive political change can progress only if there is conducive atmosphere of peace and security and this prevailed by the demonstration of maturity and good will of the Gambian security forces.  I recognise and appreciate the concern and humanitarian support given by Senegal and all neighbouring countries and also ECOWAS, African Union and the United Nations. Their responsiveness was justifiable and instrumental. May I congratulate the products of this being His Excellency President Adama Barrow, cabinet ministers , the new national assembly members , governors and every individual Gambian at home and abroad for the new Gambia as it is evidently emerging as ONE GAMBIA. One people, one nation; which we have decided.
However, there is much to be done and I would like to call for national reconciliation and unity free from tribal indifferences. This is only possible if we harmonise our firm allegiance towards achieving this goal by effective governance in true democracy and an astrosphere of freedom in development. We must do away with any inter-partisan misunderstanding which may derail the confidence of Gambians. The objectives and determination the coalition was created and the uniqueness of the dynamism should not be compromised with unprogressive, selfish individuals or groups. We owe it to coming generations to inherit from us a Gambia of progress, peace and prosperity. Justice should guide us to this attainment.
The residue, if any, of Yahya Jammeh’s rule should be scrapped off Gambian soil and no stone should be left unturned to cleanse the country of remains of any of his retrogressive elements for peace and harmony. The press has the role of reducing rumour mongering to purify information and civic education by inculcating in the society to discredit unfounded rumours that may effect hatred and fear.
May I conclude by calling upon all Gambians to rally behind the government of President Barrow and give support in his development initiatives. There is no room for tribal sentiment. Solidarity is strength as manifested sacrificially by Solo Sandeng whose legacy, remains in our history. May I thank you for the space provided and wish all Gambians success in all endeavours. Long live The Gambia, long live African Unity.

Cherno Cham
Lower Nuimi

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