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Letters: Bandam Barrow: Don’t give no speech

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Dear editor,
President Barrow, don’t mind those calling on you to address the nation! It’s not like reading some speech some guy wrote for you is going to make any difference anyway! I mean is the speech going to inspire some confidence in the people? Silence they say is golden and I suppose you mindyour silence so you continue to strike gold! And as a brother whose oratory or reading skills are not like that Nana Addo of Ghana, the less speeches you give, the longer you can be president!

If you have food to eat, you have drinking water (I hope you’re better than Yahya Jammeh who would not even drink Gambian water and had his water shipped from overseas), you have 24/7 electricity, you have petrol in your fleet of cars, and our wives and children are faring well, what’s there to give a speech about? The presidency is meant for enjoyment and this is your moment to enjoy along with your friends. You better enjoy while it lasts. Right now you should be preoccupied with the 2021 elections and how you can fulfil that 15-year presidential ambition. You know the plan that your cabinet members endorsed. So long as you remain president, their breads will continue to be buttered too.
Some of the very people clamouring for you to talk today were the same ones that insisted you didn’t have to take any questions from Gambians on your first visit to New York! Don’t mind them. They’re are just jealousying you rek.

President Mbaading, the people dying of diseases in The Gambia are not a Barrow like you and I, so why should we worry about them? That’s the Gambian way after all. We only worry when it’s personal. I’m sure if I die, you’d give a speech then just because I offered you advise today! Ok, maybe not. But I called you Bandam and I was hoping that would mean something!

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I saw the stepchildren of Jammeh saying you should call him to help you unite the nation. These desperate souls didn’t say refer to a unity policy they have deh, they say call Jammeh! For them life begins and ends with Jammeh! A uniter who has no qualms about attacking other tribes; specifically, the Mandinkas! And that’s the guy should call to help you unite Gambia. I’m sure Seedy Njie has his number still though just in case you think it’s an excellent idea!

Bandam, mbimi, keep away from everyone and enjoy your presidency. Your supporters will support you whether you give a speech or not and your detractors will not be swayed into supporting you! You don’t inspire much hope and giving a speech serves you no purpose. If I were you, I’d continue to hide and have handsome Ebrima go verbose on press releases. The others are looking for another “where-are-where-she” moment and I’m only advising you because I see no point in any speech you will deliver! If life is tolerable to you and your close associates, why worry about anyone else? You can thank me later!
Alagie Saidy-Barrow

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