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Letters : Fatalities on our road worrying

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Dear Sir

The human toll and the material loss are monumental and Irreplaceable. It is understandable that the view sometimes expressed that ‘human’ are not as important as human beings…and that consideration of the fate of objects should always be secondary to that of the alleviation of human suffering.

The pains and suffering will be much and enduring with too many road traffic accidents increase dramatically countrywide causing fatal deaths and injuries and people are in complicated grief and mourning of post-traumatic stress after a traffic accident. Humanity is bereaved. Amidst this loss and pain, it is not too early to start thinking about how to avert road accidents so frequent and similar tragedy occurring in the country has become notorious for pet terrible accidents of goods-laden passenger vehicles claiming lives are more prevalent recently.

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The hackneyed suggestions are well known good roads, good vehicles, and good drivers; for most accidents are caused by a combination of bad roads, vehicles that are not roadworthy, and bad driving. Owners of passenger vehicles and their drivers should observe and discharge a special duty of care to themselves and required to address vulnerable road users and passengers.

However, there is one recommendation that has been missing over the years , as far as the aversion of disasters on road accidents are concerned: a total reconstruction of good roads, with an efficient successful motorcycle highway traffic patrol police officers enforce the vehicle and traffic law, such that the slope of deaths that causes to accidents to reel back while traveling .

In other words, time has come for Government to reconstruct good road infrastructure countrywide with. It is an urgent task. A task that is more compelling in preventing road accidents and saving lives with effective enforcement resources in the highway patrol in reducing fatality accident rates. This is the best way, in the prevailing circumstances, to prevent further loss of lives in tragic spots all the time.

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One can only hope somebody in government is reading and thinking. We mourn these losses. May God grant the souls of the departed eternal rest, and comfort the bereaved and grieving.

Alagie Yoro Jallow

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