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Letters to the Editor

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More candidates than necessary

Dear editor,

There were too many candidates in these mayoral elections. It gives the impression some of them entered the race for their personal interest. Some could have formed a coalition and joined forces and lack of this resulted in their defeat. With 9 or 10 candidates, 5 or 6 of them Independent candidates what different manifesto could they have? Some did not even have a manifesto with no idea how to tackle the problems of the Municipality. I am yet to hear anyone talk about the traffic in Serekunda, the drainage system, the dump site, the road network, the extremely poor sanitation, the congested market, refuse collection, the poor security throughout the municipality, the poor social structure, the naming of the streets, not enough Post Officers etc etc. To have a Mayor is one thing but to have good interested Councilors is complementary.

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This is team work which can only be successful if there are no party divides among them. Go in there work as a team and develop the Municipalities. This is what you promised us and we are looking forward to a timely delivery.


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For Banjul, the situation is even more serious. Having travelled extensively to many parts of the world I can say Banjul is among if not the worst capital city in the world. The infrastructure has completely collapsed, there is no city hall, the market which is world famous is filthy, congested and not planned, the National library and Museum need serious upgrading. No city planning, the city is not environmentally friendly, the houses are dilapidated, the road network is poor, there are no social amenities., poor drainage system, the city is being turned into a rubbish bin. No traffic control, lorries and derelict cars are packed everywhere. No city planning, need to look at extending the city and providing more accommodation to avoid the city being a ghost city.


Introduction of new form of transport and I suggest a new transport policy to include trams round an extended Banjul to include reclaiming swamp areas like Lasso Wharf , Tobacco Road around the new House of Representative and going along bund Road and Whalf Njago. Revitalise business in the city and make it conducive to entice businesses to come.


Relocate the ferry terminal to Wharf Njago area and beautify that area into a tourist attraction with lights and leisure area where Banjulians can stroll at night and enjoy the beach. A lot can be done in Banjul to make it a real pride for all Gambians.


George Gomez
Sukuta Sanchaba

Re: Monkey Park stays, 5-Star hotel out

Dear editor,

I don’t know where to start but I can tell the readers that this is the one positive thing coming out of this lame duck government.


My daughter came home with a book from her school that stated the importance of bird watching. The pages after the content stated that The Gambia is home to over 300 species of birds and therefore call it the bird watchers’ paradise.


My daughter, who has visited the Gambia when she was small, told me that she proudly told her classmates that Dad and Mom came from this country.
She was very much proud of her heritage being associated with such a beauty.


I could not emphasize enough how much I feel in this victory to preserve monkey park. Now I can take my daughter whom I promised to travel to The Gambia for her to see firsthand what the book is talking about.

Siidi Nyaasi

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