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Presidential faux pas

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By Nyang Njie

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Twenty-two years of Jammeh not only witnessed despotism but outright opportunism, political adventurism and hero-worshiping. We have witnessed good-for-nothing people occupying public offices that they don’t deserve. Fast forward a year after the ouster of the Butcher of Kanilai, Gambians are still witnessing the very issues that plagued our nation for 22 years. The very people that entrenched Jammeh are suffocating the public space that President Barrow should have sanitised. New crony capitalists are emerging and replacing the cronies of years past.

Mr President, a day in politics is a long time hence your selective amnesia to forget about our dreadful past. A sitting president cannot have a foundation but then again you are surrounded by hawkish people who see your office as a commodity to monetise. Our past experience was not only tumultuous but a traumatic episode that must reinforce our zeal to do right to country. You have allowed yourself to be consumed by the very people who enabled Jammeh to do wrong to our people and country. The appointment of Musa Suso is an assault and clear affront to our national pride and integrity. A known convict, a political opportunist and someone who sees public office as a means to an end MUST NOT be in our transformation. That is if you are committed to the transformation we all yearned for. Your recent appointments and some among your close circles are making your decisions reckless and haphazard to say the least.

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Please Mr President, get some good advice as most around you think they can out wit you for their personal gains. The Gambian has suffered significantly over the years only to be dished out with ambassadors-at-large who look at the presidency as a commodity to monetise and create spheres of influence to enrich themselves. Mr President, what’s going on in your head? Is it that the portfolio is too enormous a challenge for you or your recent acts are a clear distress call for help? You need to weed out your inner circle for they are not only your problem but an impediment towards our collective national good. Please salvage the situation before the situation escalates to a vote-of-no-confidence or national act of defiance against you. We love you but you must equally love us and put us before self by ridding yourself of the parasitic lot lurking around you.


Nyang Njie is an economist and blogger. He works at Knowledge Bank Consortium GM LTD.

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