‘Police checkpoints can spread coronavirus’


By Tabora Bojang

Activist Nyang Njie has called on the Inspector General of Police to act swiftly and dismantle police checkpoints across the country, warning that the continuous close contact between officers and drivers could hamper national efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 in The Gambia.

The police have since last week commenced an inspection exercise to check vehicles that have not got their license renewed for the year.


However Njie, an economist and political commentator, said the process is perilous in the war against Covid-19 as it increases the risk for the general population because it involves clear correlation and interchanges of documents between drivers and the inspection officers.

Njie said containing the spread of Covid-19 requires a vigorous fight by collective efforts on public safety, social distancing and hand washing.

“Mr. Inspector General of Police, I am urging you for the sake of Gambians and for the sake of your police officers and their families to dismount these check points because you are increasing the risk for the general population, please; and let us make sure we try and make everyone safe,” Njie said during a Facebook live commentary yesterday.
Njie also called on President Adama Barrow to step out of his “comfort zone and lead the war against Covid-19.

“We want him to put that gown down and start wearing khakis and safaris to be seen as someone at the forefront. We are at war against Covid-19 and Mr. President when you are at war, your comfort zone is no longer the norm. Get out of your comfort zone and let you be seen as someone who is at war,” Njie added.

According to Nyang, the government must also provide adequate protective gears for the frontline health service providers like doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, messengers and paramedics to ensure they stay well and alive, “because if they are sick we will all die.”