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Press Release

The Council wishes to advise all stakeholders, general public, partners to be very cautious with the suspended GFF officials. That NSC is the Apex body of all sporting bodies in the Gambia and their decision is not reversible.

All the above must be aware that the investigations into all the allegations have started and cannot be reversed as issues being investigated are not only football governance related, but serious financial fraud and gross misappropriation of funds meant for the Gambian children in football are involved and must be investigated.

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Council is aware of the scheme the suspended GFF officials are orchestrating by asking clubs loyal to them to react by making unwarranted statements in support of their agenda not to be investigated.
NSC is an arm of government that was established by the Constitution of the Republic of The Gambia in 2000 as regulatory body for sports among other function and by article 18 (1) (C) and D) they have all the legal mandate to investigate GFF and any association not working in line with its own constitution or involved in lack compliance matters or otherwise.

It is crucial to note that the NSC that registers all Sports Associations and Federations in The Gambia as mandated by law and could deregister any association or a federation that betrays national interest.
In the same regard article 40.2 B of the GFF states that GFF President is responsible for maintaining good relationship with state agencies and therefore should respect the decision of the Council under the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The Council counts on the collaboration of all.

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