Cabinet ends consultative meeting


Cabinet ministers Friday concluded a two-day meeting where they made presentations on infrastructural development, agriculture , building international relations, boosting tourism, management of the environment, liberalizing the gateway, monetary and economic policy amongst other security issues.
Amongst the issues discussed were the Gambia’s participation in the regional organization and the presidency of the ECOWAS Commission.

Works Minister, Bai Lamin gave an update on road construction projects in the Upper River Region (URR) and the situation at the Banjul Port.
Agriculture Minister, Omar Jallow shared the outcomes of a provincial tour of meeting with farmers in the country and the ministerial dialogue on post-harvest lost reduction and agro- processing held in November 2018. He also shared with Cabinet the joint ministerial meeting on leaders for agriculture with the African Ministers of Agriculture and Finance.

In the diplomatic front, Foreign Affairs Minister, Ousainou Darboe, informed his colleagues in cabinet about the 72nd United Nation General Assembly visit to China and progress on the Migration for Sustainable Development project with Gambians in the Diaspora and their contribution in the New Gambia.
Marketing of the country as a tourist destination and boosting its potential in the social and economic development was part of the Touris Minister, Honourbale Hamat Bah’s mission at the World Tourism Forum held in China in September and the Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers held in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum last November.


He also presented on the stakeholders’ meeting held in Brussels earlier in October 2017.
The need for partnership in the development and management of protected areas of our environment and forest parks has been an agenda at the cabinet meeting.
The Environment minister, Lamin B. Dibba presented the proposal to his colleagues shared the outcome of the timber re-export for the temporary duration of twelve weeks.

Liberalising the international gateway for eligible operators and Internet Service Providers was a topic of discussion at the first Cabinet meeting in 2018.
The Information minister, Demba A.Jawo presented the joint cabinet paper proposal as well as shared the outcome of the African Union meeting on Communication and ICT.