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Letters to the Editor

Serious threat to American peace and democracy Dear editor, Regardless of the five lives unnecessarily lost in the January 6, 2021 insurrection of our capitol by...

The oppressed child

By Yahya Barrow It is frustrating and demeaning to be born and see oneself in a plethora of shackles – manmade ones for that matter...

Are we sleepwalking into another post-election impasse?

By Pa Louis Sambou In an election year (2021) in The Gambia, Electoral Commission's first official move is to announce the shredding of voter registration...

Letters: Diaspora’s loud noise is necessary

Dear editor, Addressing a throng of enthusiastic supporters in Banjul at the conclusion of his month-long Meet the People's Tour, the Gambian President Adama Barrow...

Institutions matter but character matters more

By Alagie Saidy-Barrow Institutions, in and of themselves, are mere buildings with people and papers and furniture and other equipment. Yes, we need strong institutions...

Letters: My bonus/gift

Dear editor, I highly welcome the enforcement of a public smoking ban, but they seem to fell short on two crucial issues: smart sensitization and...

Letters: Kiang West National Park must not be politicised

Dear editor, I read in your esteemed medium about a recent declaration by President Barrow to transform Kiang West National Park with great concern. As the...

Expecto patronum

Expecto patronum

Remembering Swaebou Conateh: The pacesetter

Remembering Swaebou Conateh: The pacesetter

Letters: Nyang Njie’s statement is incitement and misleading

Letters: Nyang Njie's statement is incitement and misleading

Constitutionality (or not) of current IEC chairman’s position

Constitutionality (or not) of current IEC chairman's position

Letters: We need a rethink in our political discourse

Dear editor, Since December 2016, the political trajectory of The Gambia has changed tremendously after our new-found freedom from 22 years of oppression and brutality...

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