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What defines a family?

What defines a family?

People get easily offended these days

People get easily offended these days

Barrow wears his own shirt!

Barrow wears his own shirt!

Alex Alhassan Darboe, US-based Gambian realtor and actor

Alex Alhassan Darboe, US-based Gambian realtor and actor

Lack of efficiency

By Aisha Jallow When will the situation in The Gambia change for the better? Will there ever be any efficiency that could lead the country...

Salif Sadio Commander-in-chief, Mouvement des Forces Dèmocratiques de Casamance

With Alagie Manneh In a rare scoop, a Gambian reporter and videographer trekked on rarely trodden paths to meet the elusive leader of the separatist...

Service before self

By Aisha Jallow Service before self is a motto of the U.S. Air Force. I saw a movie some days ago and that motto spoke...

Papa Faal, ex-US soldier now presidential candidate

With Alagie Manneh You are a grandnephew of former president Jawara, where is the origin of your granduncle?  My father's father is from Mauritania. Ironically, the...

Angel maker

By Aisha Jallow Neonaticide - I didn't even know that was a term until I read an article about it in this newspaper. Neonaticide and...

Rohey Lowe,Banjul Mayor

With Alagie Manneh Alagie Manneh: Your father was mayor of Banjul, and now you are mayor, where did you cut your political teeth? Mayor Lowe: I...

Is Gambia a third world country?

  I’m sure no one wishes to consider the country we love as such, but look at the facts. What characterizes a third world country? There...

Amie Bojang-Sissoho, Director of Press at State House

With Alagie Manneh Amie Bojang-Sissoho is the image maker of President Adama Barrow. In this edition of Bantaba from State House, anchor Alagie Manneh talks...

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