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The citizens are acquainted with the OIC projects

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Dear editor,

A heavy knock has sounded on The Gambia, the Smiling Coast of Africa. Every nook and cranny is well captivated and the despondent citizens let out all their sorrows to welcome this hit song, and everyone whether the artists, scholars, writers are immensely cooperative to make it a history for this country, the summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Moreover, with the growing enchantment and beautiful pictures it captures in the heart of the citizens, everyone hopes for a beautiful and successful summit in the country. However, what makes jack a good child, might ruin his life whenever it’s taken away from him. Therefore, the acquaintance of the citizens, with the ongoing projects ahead of this important summit is not unrecognisable, as the construction of new roads, renovation of worn out structures have gathered attention that even after the OIC, the development of the nation will progressively move on. The sudden surge in the development projects initiated by the government has long been awaited before the arrival of the OIC.

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And now, in public transports, nightclubs, parliament and every important gathering, the subject of discussion is the developments rapidly going on, and a hope that it would continue, for the citizens want to see more and more improvements in the infrastructure of this nation. Therefore, the government should respond to the desires of the citizens in order for its laurels, to be lengthened, in order for employment to be abundantly secured for the youths and proper empowerment of the rights of children, women and men. The government should welcome foreign investors into the country, this way the development will continue, employment will be created, crime will be reduced and when the citizens have hope, the leader will be a free child to do whatever he wishes and still be accepted forever in the hearts of his subjects, for he has fulfilled the desires of his people. And for now, together, let’s write history in the stars with this OIC coming home.

For The Gambia ever true.

Long live The Gambia

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Long live the Gambian people.

Muhammed Korta (Tha Destined Poet)

Tel: 5108598/ 5944887.

Youths and sport: challenges faced

These days, a lot of young people are drawn to sports as a lucrative industry. Their unwavering ambition for working hard to pursue careers as professional football players or other sports is unmatched.

Despite having the best of intentions, their energy and desire to succeed can occasionally be influenced by multiple factors.

Overemphasising the desire for fame is one of the contributing elements, as many young people who wanted to improve in sports have been deterred by this.

Peer pressure as a factor has caused lots of young people engaged into  harmful lifestyle choices, such as smoking marijuana and alcoholism, which puts their aspirations of becoming professional footballers or sportsmen in jeopardy.

Thus, certain individuals never consider the unintended repercussions of their lifestyle. Imagine subscribing to your first-ever contract, only to have it cancelled during the physical health examination is the worst that could happen ever to someone.

These and many other factors have shaken the rooted passion of many youths in sports.

Therefore, it is imperative that sports lovers and relevant stakeholders act quickly to address and educate young people about the issue.

Youth athletes, however, ought to develop a sense of self-worth and the motivation to stay positive through the most difficult situations, if they want to excel.

At individual level, behavioural modification and quitting habits that will negatively impact their health and career should be discouraged.

If this is you, then have faith and stay finetuned in your ability to go from “zero to hero.”

Balla Jammeh

Sports lover

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