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Gambian woman fighting Covid-19 with food provision

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Whiles politicians and other philanthropists are busy buying buckets and sanitisers as donation, Amie Jarjue, a young Gambian based in the UK is putting food on the table for the most vulnerable.

The young lady, fondly called Mother Theresa of The Gambia, has initiated a national fundraiser to buy essential food stuff for the needy families in the Gambia to keep them home in an effort to contain the spread of Covid-19.

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The national initiative is spearheaded and coordinated by Babou Njie Sallah, Sai Touray and supported by TRRC lead counsel Essa Faal and host of others.
The young entrepreneur/philanthropist said she is motivated by the level of poverty in the country to support the needy especially during this trying time.

She thanked Essa Faal, who she said donated D35, 000 and joined the rest of her team on the ground to present the donated food items to the selected needy families.
“I am really speechless and I cannot thank enough Mr Faal and the rest of the team,” she said.

“On the 24th March, I made a phone call to many Gambian fundraisers concerning the Coronavirus situation in The Gambia about my intention to try to bring all of our citizens together to jointly raise funds to help the underprivileged families during this critical time.”
“I want to especially commend the Gambia National Fundraiser team which includes Ebrima Jawo, Louanne Mayaél, Joquel Amie Bella, Anna Sarr, LaminTamba, HaddyJatou Khan, Marie Kumba Gomez, Yassin Jallow and Taal for their tremendous support,” she added.

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