Letters to the Editor


Re: Jammeh victims warn

Barrow against working with APRC

Dear editor,

You see Kijera it is so SAD that hatred is killing you slowly. What is your problem? Why won’t you shut up and wait for the outcome of the so-called TRRC report before you start ranting aimlessly. You are making more noise than sense. Are you interested in the TRRC or are you a politician? Because I do not get it you are talking about the TRRC and at the same time you are political. Look Kijera, allow wisdom to guide you and NOT STUPIDITY or HATRED because that is not the right path to take. I would like to refer you to the Gambian Constitution where it is clearly stated and there’s a provision about how a Commission’s report should be treated or handled by the Presidency or government. So, what is the problem with you people? Gambia is a Republic governed by the constitution of the Gambia and NOT by people’s empty threats. Therefore, this thing should sink in your heads.

Kijera, I heard you mention about “Senegalese Human Rights Groups.” In fact, this is an insult to our Gambian sovereignty. This same socalled Senegalese Human Rights Groups you are talking about, didn’t they see what is happening (the killing of innocent people in their thousands) in their own country since in the 80s to date in the Southern Province (Casamance) of Senegal? These same Senegalese Human Rights Groups you inferring to, don’t they know what had happened or know about the killing of our own Gambian people (in the Gambia as a result of their military intervention) in the 1981 coup d’etat? About a thousand Gambians loss their lives as a result (and more were tortured and incarcerated in prisons) when the Senegalese Soldiers entered the Gambia just for three (3 days) between Thursday and Sunday and even after that, people were roundedup tortured and others killed all caused by their Senegalese Soldiers. Is this not a crime? Kijera… This is the TRUTH you people do not want our younger generation to know about that these and other BAD things happened and they were caused by the Senegalese soldiers in the Gambians in the 1981 coup d’etat back then…. But the TRUTH shall ALWAYS be told…


Kijera you also mentioned “Amnesty International, Article 19, the Canadian, Swiss, German and French embassies.” It is a BIG SHAME for calling these people into purported and socalled Human Rights Violations that happened in The Gambia. Are these NOT the same CORRUPTED AND CONFLICTED institutions and countries that had caused and still causing mayhem (the killing, deaths of MANY INNOCENCE MILLIONS of people, and massive destructions and still counting) in Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan, etc. and in other countries around the world? Please Kijera, do NOT disturb us PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ELSE MUCH BETTER Remember Gambia is a Republic country and then Gambia has a constitution that is guiding and should guide our actions. Please, Kijera let us be rational for once. Please! In fact, where is your champion Reed Brody the DICTATOR HUNTER? Again, Kijera let us be rational and allow wisdom to guide us that is the way forward “For The Gambia Our Homeland…”

The truth shall always remain the TRUTH no matter what…

Mighty Allah come and save The Gambia

Rahim Akbar