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Letters: 2022 France finally occupies Gambia with Francophone West African countries ready to enforce the crime

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Dear editor,

When America mobilized the world in 2003 and invaded Iraq to introduce ‘Western-democratic value’, it was not about the love of the Iraqis ‘suppressed’ by Saddam Hussein for decades as they had wanted the world to believe but everything about occupying the oil-riched country and seizing their main source of national revenue, the oilwells. Since then, they have not only succeeded in killing Saddam Hussein and seizing their national wealth and of course destabilizing Iraq forever on lies and greed but will do whatever it takes to kill anyone denying them the loot. They would rather destroy Iraq than see the failed state recover and take back what belongs to them.

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Now, fast-forward to 2017, and comparative to what happened in the Gambia, why did the Gambians always think that Macky Sall, the Senegalese and French governments paid our judas ambassadors to support their lies that a foreign military intervention was

 necessary in the Gambia to kill or capture

 President Jammeh and ‘restore’ democracy in the country? To think that the Senegalese or Macky Sall was passionately into the campaign, willing to slaughter as many innocent Gambians as possible for the love of the Gambia is as naive as believing that George Bush and Tony Blair connived to invade Iraq for the love of the Iraqi people.

France and Senegal since 1965 have been doing everything within their means to annex the Gambia into the Francophone zone which in 2017 provided them the golden opportunity they had been awaiting for all along.

The cocktail of traitorous ambassadors, undereducated political militants and a poorly informed national executive headed by a semi-literate person sent the signal to France and Senegal that it was the perfect moment to at last takeover the Gambia from the foolish Gambians.

Of course our euphoric infants never got it and have always been in denial of the unfortunate reality until now when it has now been approved and will be funded by France for the final Francophone takeover in 2022.

Like Americans in Iraq insulated to kill Iraqis for the maintenance of their objective, Senegal has been willing to fight and murder Africans for French interest-not for their interest-since they came into contact with the ‘Toubabs’ and surrendered their souls to them. So while Gambians were hoping for ECOMIG to leave sooner but don’t understand that they will never go peacefully, I want us to prepare for the huge confrontation of asking the dogs to leave by the end of the year that Macky Sall is braising to brutally crush for France.

Nigeria does not want to have anything to do with the illegal occupation and Ghana will also leave soon.

Nonetheless when they talk about Ivory Coast, Togo and Senegal to indefinitely police the Gambia after the departure of Ecomig in 2022, they said nothing about the extra Senegalese combat forces in the Fonis and the presidential guards deployed for Barrow alone. Those forces since 2017 have been waiting for the chance to start a war, kill as many Gambians as possible and consolidate the permanent illigal occupation by force. They may try it by election time in December 2021 if Senegal’s choice of our president is rejected by the Gambian electorate, apparently justifying the deployment of the so-called Francophone police forces to maintain the French interest and indefinitely control our destiny.

And there will always be Gambian Judases, from the top executives to the grassroots willing to support the occupiers if the price is right or the position lucrative enough.

You can see and hear them all around us, saying that the two countries are the same and Gambia should continue to thank Senegal for ending dictatorship in the country. 

But, like I always say, time will vindicate me and the true patriots for standing up against these foreign scumbags, especially against Macky Sall, the man Abdoulaye Wade had once accused of hailing from the family of witches; I mean African ‘dommas’ in Wollof or ‘buas’ in Mandinka.

Samsudeen Sarr


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