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MA Bah takes break from partisan politics

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General MA Bah, a former Interior minister has announced he has now taken a break from partisan politics to concentrate on supporting President Barrow on his national development agenda.
Bah who defected from the APRC to the UDP following a power struggle he lost to FTJ, personally submitted a write-up on the matter to The Standard.

“After consultations with many of my supporters and well wishers keenly asking to know about my political activities or engagements for this new year and the years ahead, I thought it essential to publicly share my decision of the matter.
I wish to make it known to every one of my people that I am now sincerely committed without any reservation to fully support the National Development Plan of His Excellency President Adama Barrow, a plan already in full motion and yielding positive results in the Country. His objective to rapidly transform the Gambia into a model state admirable and hospitable to all Gambians and none Gambians cannot be over emphasized.

Often articulated in his public speeches and recently accentuated in the one brilliantly delivered during the inauguration of the celebrated Senegambia Bridge, President Barrow passionately appeals to all of us to join his dynamic crusade to build the new Gambia we all dream about and indeed one to be proud of all over the world.
I also wish to seize this opportunity to urge all Gambians to further join me in rendering support to the National Development Plan and the necessary assistance or support helpful for His Excellency President Barrow to realize his noble objective within the targeted timeframe.

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Indeed, the Gambia belongs to all of us and based on my personal experience and training as a military officer and former government minister, I can confidently assure all Gambians that in President Adama Barrow we have the best president and therefore unnecessary to search for another person to lead us into the next phase of our political evolution.
I stand to be corrected but all that radiates in our humble president illustrates a unifier and not a divider, a builder and not a breaker a man least affected by partisan politics and more affectionate to elevating the Gambia to the ranks of contemporary great nations beneficial to all Gambians regardless of class, age, gender or ethnic background.
In conclusion I wish to reiterate my total support to the president’s development agenda and to inform him the availability of my service to him whenever and wherever needed.
May the Almighty Allah guide him towards the success he desires for the Country and his personal family.

I thank everybody in support of my course and to once again appeal to everybody to stand by our president.
I believe my career as a statesman and a senior military officer can best serve our commander-in-chief by supporting his agenda during this period of transitional governance.
President Barrow has demonstrated his resolve to unite the country and reconcile the people of republic during the last two years, and I intend to be part of the solution towards bringing peace and stability in the Gambia.
I wish to make it crystal clear that with effect from 28th January 2019, I declared my 100% support to President Adama Barrow and resigned from UDP. I want to concentrate on supporting President Barrow’s development agenda and programme whilst encourage all Gambians to render support to him.”

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