‘My politics is for a better Gambia, not positions’


By Omar Wally

Former Information Minister turned vocal critic of ex-president Jammeh, Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, has refuted allegations that he formed his Liberal Alliance political party because he was not given a position in Barrow’s administration.

“I have been out of government since 2005, and I have been relatively doing well. I set up Classic Lady, so I’m not looking for position and if that was the case, I will join one of the parties in the coalition because I have been recruited by many of them, they can lobby for me to be in the government,” he told The Standard.
Few months ago Dr Janneh announced his political party on Facebook and many alleged that the reason for that was many of the intellectuals like him felt that they should be rewarded for their struggle against Jammeh’s regime but when that did not happen, he formed the party.


He also denied selling surveillance equipment to the defunct National Intelligence Agency. “What we did was to sell NIA some equipment that we can put them under surveillance but it did not work out,” he said.
Dr Janneh further said he doesn’t have presidential ambition. “My only ambition is to move the Gambia forward, a Gambia that will have the rule of law, where people can openly criticise government without fear of arrest or being harassed, where the government will be both responsive and responsible. I want to see good medical facility, no indiscriminate dumping, and better education. So in short my goal is to have a better Gambia,” he added.
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