New Interior minister speaks


The newly appointed minister of the Interior Habib Drammeh has reacted to his new assignment with a promise to measure up to the challenge and trust bestowed on him by President Barrow and the government.
Delivering his vote of thanks at his swearing-in at State House Drammeh said: “My goal as Minister of Interior will be simple and straight forward (without sounding like Pollyanna) to achieve effective quantifiable results by appreciating to value, recognize the best in people and inquire to explore, search, and discover by asking the right questions in order to what I call DIPPE i.e. Discover, Investigate, Prevent, Protect and Empathise to provide security and safety for the Gambian people with a view to domesticate and mainstream the Barrow Doctrine, a doctrine that will manifest itself as we approach the end of the beginning of this transition, and entering a new phase in the transformation of the Gambia as a middle income country.”
The new minister then went on to outline his plans.

“In my first few months I will listen and learn to Discover the best that there is across the security value chain and eco-system. I will with the assistance and support of the departments, conduct a review and needs analysis of all the departments in my portfolio. During this process we will identify and prioritise the gaps, needs and requirements.

Secondly we will collectively Dream what the best security structure should be and deliberately map out necessary and effective interventions that are Designed to deliver best value in the delivery of vital services to The Gambian people – our clients – by articulating a citizen charter for customer service delivery. This strategy will have clear deliverables that are sustainable and should lead us towards our Destiny over the long-term through learning, doing, adjusting, and improving – by instituting a helix of continuous improvement.


“We will present this assessment report and strategy plan to His Excellency and Cabinet to obtain support and necessary resources. With this Executive approval we will implement this plan to a strict time table (by developing a verifiable scorecard), and report to The Gambian people and His Excellency consistently and periodically on all achievements. We will therefore Inquire into our Strengths, Imagine our Opportunities, Innovate to meet our Aspirations, and Inspire to Implement to achieve these Results for this is what the Barrow Doctrine calls for.
“At the end of my tenure I will submit to His Excellency a report of our achievements,” he said.