On 25 February 2018, the quick intervention of police in URR has helped avert what could have resulted in a bloody clash between natives of Taibatu and Nyakoi Medina.
The police received a tip-off regarding a potential fracas over a disputed land and rushed to the scene where they found residents of the two villages armed with cutlasses and clubs and in a near clash arguing over ownership of a rice field.

Sensing the gravity of the situation amidst rising tempers, the police quickly dispersed the two parties and ordered them to return to their villages. In order to avert a recurrence of the situation, the Police Commissioner of Operations Mr. Landing Bojang further visited the two villages separately and interacted with their respective councils of elders. During the interactions, both villages were directed to avoid creating tension and taking law into their own hands. They were further informed that henceforth, the police will be occupying the rice field until further decision from the central government is reached.

The proactive approach by the Police has helped to de-escalate the tension in the area and has surely stopped what could have resulted in bloody and probably deadly clash between natives of the two villages. CP Bojang speaking to POLISO indicated that people have to be law abiding and must under no circumstance take the law into their own hands. He further advised that anyone who feels they have been offended in any way should report to the police and the necessary steps will be taken.IMG 20180226 WA0007


Police nab Marabout fraudsters

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) personnel of Talinding have arrested two men and are investigating them in a case of obtaining money by false pretense and conspiracy to commit felony.
The principal suspect is Alieu Njie, a self-proclaimed marabout and native of Sare Bara in Casamance but resident in Fajikunda and Abdalah Hydara, a Mauritanian national who is suspected to conspire with him to dupe one Muhammed Lamin of money by impressing on him that Njie can double money.

According to Muhammed Lamin, a Mauritanian businessman, he was approached by Abdalah and was told that Alieu Njie is a marabout who can help him double money. He reported that when he met Alieu, he was told that if he gave CFA 1,000000 it would be doubled to CFA 2,000000. He furthered said that he provided the requested sum and went to Alieu’s accommodation where he was shown a suitcase containing CFA and Euro notes. He was however told that the jinn requested he increased the amount to CFA 3,000000. Filled with hope of prospects of making wealth, he went home and raised the requested amount.

He further explained that when he got the money, he was one night taken by Alieu to the bushes in Daru Busumbala where he was to meet the jinn that would help in enriching him. “While in the bushes in the middle of the night, Alieu Njie prayed and recited some incantations. Then I heard a voice from the bushes which was purportedly of the jinn. It promised me riches but insisted that I needed to pay another sum of CFA 7000000. That was when it began to dawn on me that something was not right and I was being the victim of fraudsters,” a distraught Muhammed explained to the police.

Cases of this nature are often received by the police and a lot of times arrests are never made because victims only report to the police after the fraudsters have fled.
POLISO wants the general public to beware of marabouts who claim to possess powers to double money through voodoo. It does not make sense that one’s hard and legitimately earned money is lost because of greed and want for easy money

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