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Presidential adviser warns Mai to shut up or else…

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Musa Jeng, the Presidential Youth Adviser, has warned the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress against criticizing the Coalition Government “if not they (government) may be forced to reveal his misdeeds.”
Speaking to The Standard in reaction to recent comments by Mai Fatty that he is committed to the three-year Coalition agreement, Jeng warned Mai to stay away from uttering statements against the government that are unfounded otherwise the government would hold him to account on how, among other things, he acquired his new house, “because he got it when he was serving as interior minister.”

“Mai Fatty is talking as if he is an opportunist because when he was the interior minister, he always supported the constitutional provisions and not agreements as a legal minded person. But now that he is sacked, we are disappointed that he is supporting agreements over the constitution,” he argued.
He said Mai Fatty should understand that the president is sworn-in to uphold and defend the Gambian constitution and not agreements.

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“It is therefore disappointing for a legal minded person like him to wish the president to brush away the dictates of the constitution in favor of an agreement for his selfish interest,” Jeng said.
He said GMC is insignificant in the Coalition from institutional memory and therefore “its commitment or non commitment to the agreement of the Coalition does not have any effect on the Coalition.
“During the formation of the Coalition, GMC could not even provide the required five delegates requested from the political parties. They had only one woman representing them and it was I and Kebba Singhateh, the first secretary at the Gambian Embassy in Russia who were helping the woman to get GMC onboard.”

He alleged that Mai Fatty at one point wished his party to be empowered and strengthened so that he could serve as an ally to the President when all other parties left after the transition.
“At one point Mai Fatty was pushing President Barrow because of his selfish financial gains to connect Muhammed Bazzi with President Barrow but the president refused. He was all along advocating for Barrow to accept allies of former President Yahya Jammeh,” he alleged.

He added: “During his time as the interior minister he misused his powers by ordering security to mount salutes for him as if he is the president…He also used to walk on a red carpet… This is something that no interior minister has ever done in the history of this country or anywhere else. Not even the ones he succeeded. But the president out of goodness ignored all that.”

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“Mai Fatty also provided security sweepers for himself with heavy guns as an escort from the capital to his home town as if he is the head of state but the president ignored his actions. If he feels his party is significant enough to contest presidential race, he should prepare for 2021 and stay off,” he warned.

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