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Reclaim your consciousness

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By Yahya Barrow

For how long are we going to wallow in illusions and deceptions? Are you ever going to be free from this disease called “perception deception”? When are we going to figure out that thing over there is actually not water, but mirage? Do you feel locked in an ideology, system and a paradigm that didn’t make sense to you, but you have no choice?

I’m sorry reader, perhaps you are baffled as to why these rhetorical questions; but I don’t have a choice too. I have to do it this way. The greatest blessing endowed on all of us as humans is our brain and consciousness.

Mbading (my relative), do you realize that you serve a man-god, a white god for that matter? Well, I’m sorry but this is a psychological trick working on you. You may call it ideological warfare if you so wish, but the fact remains the same. Bowing down to a white god is manifesting that you are an inferior creation, and the white man is a superior creation because god is characterized with superiority. At least, I’m speaking from my opinion.

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Think about it. Nfaa (my father), undoubtedly, you are very pious and you uphold the teachings of your religion. But hang on, fornication is a no-go area in your religion. Why is it the case that when my brother or sister comes with their fiancé, a white guy or lady, they become an exception to this heinous crime in your religion? I hope it is not animal farm where all are equal but some are more equal than others.

Nkaramo (my teacher), from my analysis on certain things, here is my observation results. As a village boy, I see that all the grandparents possess or own  more than one farmland. This could tell their understanding of crop rotation, shifting cultivation and bush fallowing. They produce a lot of harvest such that, they consume what they grow till another growing season. Why am I taken to the four corners of a classroom to be defining this terms: crop rotation, shifting cultivation etc theoretically?As a result I’m not producing anything, but depending on other civilizations. Is this the goal for my education?

No wonder, I’m constantly bombarded with western ideologies by day, and have little or no choice but to succumb and subscribe to them. I see my people being trained to be doctors but we still seek treatment abroad; have trained engineers but we still required Chinese to come and construct our roads for us. What is the purpose of our education?

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My dear sister, aunty and mother, I see you struggling, putting in your energy and resources to destroy the melanin in your skin just to be light-skinned. Let me not get to the scientific abomination you’re doing to yourselves. Who said that you aren’t beautiful the way you are? Many young ladies would try so hard to look like Kim Kardarshian, not realizing that they are beautiful the way they are and someone somewhere will, at all cost, want to be with them. Why is the reverse not the case that white trying to be black?

You buy expensive Brazilian hair as if the natural Gambian hair on your head is not beautiful. It is okay if others didn’t appreciate your nature but self-hate is an abomination. Sadly, on your most prestigious days are the days you literally die to get these things on: the eyelashes, wig, nails etc. The world is filled with fake nowadays to an extent that people are offended by the reality.

My brother, you only feel special when you wear a suit, but you won’t take pride in that beautiful African attire. You only feel educated when you defy all your ways from culture to ideologies. Appreciate yourself, your ways and what nature gives you. Nature loves diversity and this is evident in our languages and races. Never allow to be domesticated but always listen to that inner voice in you that will always feed you with positivity and self-actualization.

Focus on yourself, unlock your potentials, do not allow the colonialist and the imperialist to drag your attention to him. Remember the saying, ‘If you are imitating someone, the best position you could get is second.’ Certainly, you are what you are; you cannot be someone else. But guess what? You can always be the best version of yourself.

I ask you to reclaim your consciousness. Keep it natural and real. You may never have control over people’s perceptions and expectations about you. But one thing for sure is that you can control yourself, and I mean yourself. The choice is yours. Don’t allow people to make it for you. Love and cherish thyself and extend and spread that love. This reminds me of an Indian Guru by the name Osho, who said and I quote, “If you look with love, the whole creation becomes beautiful.” Alwa

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