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According to our sources, negotiators drawn from both sides of the political divide that contested the past elections, example the Modou Musa and Mustapha Kebbeh camps, have held several meetings aimed at arriving at a single line-up of possible executive position holders. It is widely believed that many influential sports personalities have thrown their weight behind the talks preferring a consensus among the stakeholders rather than elections which has a tendency of dividing the people into factions fighting each other. “We do not want camps here or there.  We want all to be united so that football will progress. Fighting does not benefit anyone,” one participant of the talks told The Standard. 

If successful, said our source, the move will avert   elections called by Fifa on September 15, as stakeholders would just meet to endorse the line-up.

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However, according to our sources, there has still not been any breakthrough in the talks with key areas such who should be president remaining a bone of contention.

Meanwhile, an analyst familiar with the GFF constitution yesterday informed The Standard that time is not on the side of the negotiators.  “If the negotiations fail before Friday, the matter could be further complicated because that is the day when candidates intending to contest the September 15 elections should file nominations. If the talks collapse, it would mean election is inevitable,” he said.

When The Standard contacted the GFF Normalisation Committee for comments on this matter an official said: “The NC has no official comment on this and we would comment on issues when they are relevant and necessary.”


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