2 Bundung kids disappear


Two children—a boy and a girl—have disappeared in Bundung Borehole, sparking fear among the community who believe they may have been kidnapped.


Alasana Asoga Jatta, a 2-year-old boy and Mbombeh Ceesay, a 5-year-girl, went missing since Saturday evening and their disappearance has left their neighboring parents and families desperate and hopeless.
The father of the 2-year-old boy, Alasan Jatta explained that he has searched for his son and the other girl everywhere but is yet to know their whereabouts. “We have reported the matter to the Bundung, Serrekunda and Bakoteh Police Stations. I don’t suspect anyone but I am appealing to anyone holding my child to kindly return him. He is my first child,” a hopeless looking father said.



Mbengeh Ceesay, mother of the missing 5-year-old girl, is equally having sleepless nights since the disappearance of her girl child.
She said she has reported the matter to the police. She called for help from the general public. .
Anyone who finds these missing kids can call 7105595/ 7442220/9442220.