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25-year-old in need of “urgent” overseas treatment

Jallow, a graduate of Nusrat Senior Secondary School with seven credits, was involved in a road accident in March when his motorbike collided with a truck.

Medical reports from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital showed he presents “frontal laceration, swollen left thigh and coma”. Further findings revealed an inflammation and infection of the eyelid and portions of skin around the eye. CT scans showed a “massive” frontal contusion and non-displaced fractures of the vertebral bodies. X-ray results further showed femur fracture and he has also developed convulsive episodes for which AEDs, a portable electronic device that checks the heart rhythm, have been prescribed.

 Sheriff Bah, a close relative to Cherno Jallow told The Standard after completing his high school education, Jallow ventured into business for a period of one year before the accident occurred leaving him in need of overseas medical assistance.

The medical report added that the patient is currently in a pathological condition resulting from a disease, injury, or other trauma. A nasogastric or a special tube that carries food and medicine to the stomach through the nose with seizures being controlled by AEDs, have been prescribed for him. For support, the Jallow family can be reached on 6719630,6359631,9924804.


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