33 Kiang West villages get streetlights, water


By Lamin Cham

Communities from 33 villages in Kiang West are being fitted with solar streetlights and boreholes.

The project is being implemented by Ismaila Kanteh, an unsuccessful independent candidate for Kiang West in the recently conducted National Assembly elections.


Mr Kandeh polled 627 votes, finishing third behind eventual winner Lamin Ceesay of the UDP.

However, according to him, he intends to carry out all the projects he promised the voters, hence the solar and water projects which will provide 23 villages with street lights while 10 other villages will get a borehole each.

Already, half a dozen villages, Jula-Kunda, Janneh-Kunda, Kuyang, Kemoto, Banta-Su and Jise have had their streets fitted with lights.

“The projects have beautified the villages and made them safer to explore at night. Some of the villages got between 20 to 30 poles while smaller communities get 10. We are going to cover all 33 villages in the next few weeks as work is progressing well,” a member of the implementation committee told The Standard.