NAM concerned over water shortage in Bundung


By Olimatou Coker

The National Assembly Member for Bundung has expressed concern over a recurring water shortage in his constituency.

Bundung has been battling inadequate water supply for decades without much success.


In a telephone interview with The Standard yesterday, Sulayman Jammeh said the people of Bundang have been suffering as the water shortage protracts.

“This water issue in my constituency is getting too much. I feel it is going out of hand as water is life and it’s something that people cannot go without,” the Honourable Jammeh, who was the Councillor before his election as NAM, bemoaned.

Honourable Jammeh said he visited NAWEC last week to discuss the frustrations of his people but there is still no improvement to the acute water supply.

He said the water shortage, which has been occurring since his time as Councillor, has affected his people and demanded a solution from the national provider, Nawec.

“It will be very prudent for people working at NAWEC to find a lasting solution to this problem because they have the technical know-how. That is why they are working at Nawec. There should not be any excuse. They should be there to find solutions to this problem. People in my constituency are really frustrated and I receive complaints from everywhere.

It is just too much,” he added.

In a more worrying tone, Honourable Jammeh said the water shortage is posing another threat to the children in Bundung. He said children walk long distances to fetch water from different communities, sometimes dead in the night.