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Accountant General updates Assembly on millions of unretired imprests

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By Tabora Bojang

The Accountant General has yesterday briefed members of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly on the status of repayment of outstanding imprests issued to ministries, departments and government officials totalling over D30 million.

The FPAC 2019-2021 report confirmed D31.7 million as outstanding imprests with only D2.5 million recovered by the Accountant General. The Assembly subsequently moved a resolution and directed the Accountant General to use all avenues to recover the said monies by October 31st 2022.

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Giving an update on the issue three months after the Assembly’s deadline, the Accountant General Agnes Macaulay, informed members that the majority of the money still remain unpaid.

She said most of the recoveries were made from officials who are still in government’s payroll with deductions being made from their salaries.


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The AG disclosed that the following persons have been contacted either in person or through their former offices but many of them have not responded while few others refuted ever taking any imprest despite the presence of their names in the system.

Joseph Jassey D4000, Ebrima Bun Sanneh Immigration Department D105, 200, Ebrima Bun Sanneh Immigration Department D164, 998, Abdoulie Sanneh Ministry of Health D296, 000, Sanna Malang Sambou Ministry of Health D14, 000, Dr. Ngogu L Bah Ministry of Finance D500, 000, Dr. Njogu L Bah Ministry of Finance D5 million, Ebrima O Camara Ministry of Finance D5 million, Ma-Lamin Jarju Ministry of Finance D1.016 million, Alkali Jabbi Ministry of Finance D275, 500, Fatou Jasseh Kuyateh Ministry of Finance D100, 000, Manga Sanyang Ministry of Finance D150, 000, Musukebba Sonko NGO Affairs D31, 900,  Yankuba Colley D300, 000, Yankuba Colley D149, 000 (contacted through OP and in person no response) Mambayinck Njie D150, 000 (contacted through OP no response) Amadou Cham OP D50950, Amadou Cham OP D177, 600, Benedict Jammeh D30, 000 (contacted through OP no response), Buba Bojang D15, 000 (contacted through OP no response), Ebrima Kujabi D135, 000 (contacted through OP no response), Essa Jallow D81, 300 (contacted through OP no response), Gibril Bojang D239, 130 (contacted through OP no response), Hassoum Ceesay D12, 000 (contacted through OP and in person no response), Isatou Neneh Touray D1500 (contacted through OP no response), Lamin Bojang D988, 330 (contacted through OP no response), Malafi Jawneh D46,930 (contacted through OP no response), Momodou Jatta D300, 000 (contacted through OP no response),  Momodou Saidy D267, 300 (contacted through OP no response),  Momodou Tangara (contacted through OP and in person but he is refuting that he has ever taken imprest and this one is being investigated at the level of the CBG because we have confirmed on our system that the outflow of cash did happen) Ida Faye Hydara D31, 760, Ida Faye Hydara D336, 960 -contacted through OP no response, Musa Mendy D256, 600- contacted through OP no response, Mustapha Faal D1.033.740 -contacted through OP no response, Njogu L Bah D100, 000 -contacted through OP no response, Ousman Jobe D50, 000 -contacted through OP no response, Sirending Sanneh D187, 750 -contacted through OP no response, Talibuya Dukureh D46, 681- contacted through OP no response, Yankuba Colley D200, 000- contacted in person and through OP no response, Yankuba Touray D247, 000, Hassoum Ceesay D10, 000 -contacted in person and through OP, Mawdo Jallow D14, 000, Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay- contacted through the National Assembly and in person but she is refuting it although we have confirmed that the outflow cash actually happened, Ebrima Sama Corr D395, 750, Ebrima Sama Corr D684, 540,”  the AG revealed.

She further explained that Suwareh Jabai who had an imprest of D407, 560, under the OP has provided documents indicating he handed over a balance of D105, 000 to Lamin Nyabally and another D100, 000 to Coneilus Gomez, Malafi Jarju, Mass Axi Gaye and another D200, 000 to Majanko Samusa.

On another imprest of D613, 800, on Jabai’s name, the AG said he had submitted evidence of handing over D613, 800 to Yankuba Touray and accompanied it with another document in which Yankuba confirmed he received the money from Jabai and promised to retire it.

Recoveries from salaries

The AG also updated members on the status of recoveries made so far mainly consisting of serving government officials.

She disclosed that recoveries were made as a result of deductions from salaries of the following individuals;

Sohna Jawara deducted from payroll unspecified amount, Omar Gibba- D735, 000 recovered from D1.05 million, Adama Jimba Jobe D5097 recovered from 40, 000, Musa Bah D50, 000, Gibril Barry D1,959 recovered from D52, 000,  Nyallow Barrow currently been deducted with D4,783 recovered so far from unspecified imprest, Sambou Camara D4634 recovered with deduction on-going, Neneh Touray D3685 recovered so far, Ansumana Sanyang D4693 recovered so far and submitted evidence of retirement, Momodou Lamin Bojang D1000 recovered from D48, 000, Foday SK Balajo D4033 recovered, Bakary Sonko D4027 recovered, Buba Sanyang D11,660 recovered with D288, 340 outstanding, Ansumana Kinteh D5280 recovered submitted evidence of retirement, Baboucarr Njie D3356 recovered, Mam Jarra Njie D3356 recovered, D96, 643 outstanding, Fatou Susu D1964 recovered D3036 outstanding, Seedy Muctarr Hydara D1966 recovered D98036 outstanding, Sheriffo Jagne unspecified, Fatoumatta Singhateh D3234 recovered, D96,766 outstanding, Sanjally Trawally D4658 recovered D60342 outstanding, Momodou Lamin Fofana D4170 recovered D95,829 outstanding, Momodou S Jallow D2742 recovered D80, 757 outstanding and Sainey Beyai D4558 recovered, D69, 412 outstanding.

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