Adieu Saja Taal


Dr Taal was until at the time of his demise a lecturer at the University of The Gambia, which only goes to affirm his role in advancing the cause of creating a society of knowledge through the young university. But he was not only a man of the classroom, he was very much involved in the political evolution of the nation. 


However, death is by no means the end of this man. In developing countries, most of the intellectuals who reached a certain level usually leave and go to countries where they could harvest greater financial rewards, but that was not to be the path chosen by the legendary Dr Taal. He, after his studies, came back to the land of his birth and served until he succumbed to the white claws of death. Therefore, in death as in life, he shall be remembered for his sacrifice and struggle for sharing his knowledge with people regardless of age, religion, gender or position on the rungs of the social ladder.



In our quest for creation of a rich intellectual environment, Dr Taal contributed immensely. He was always around for scholarly seminars organised by the students and people from all walks of life. He was a passionate teacher of the great ideas and theories that he so passionately expounded, criticised and defended. History will bear witness to his great contribution to the burgeoning debate of ideas taking place in our beloved country.


It indeed is a sad day for his students with the many touching tributes and personal accounts of his students all over the social media. But it is not only his students who are mourning his demise but every Gambian who have an inclination towards knowledge and study. He is not only mourned but also celebrated for all the times he spent giving out his best to all those who needed it.


The Gambia will never forget him and will always remember him as a highly engaging patriot with regard to academia and the dissemination of knowledge. In losing him we shall be inspired in honour of his memory to continue towards the path he and other giants of this nation have paved. We pray that his soul rest in peace and that God reward him and grant him His mercy.