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African youth organization adds voice on Gambia’s political crisis

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By Juldeh Njie The Organization of African youth (OA youth) an umbrella movement of all youths in Africa, in a press-release signed by its president Patson Malison and chairperson for Gambia Seedy Darboe has call upon political leaders in the Gambia to play their integral role in ensuring there is a smooth transition of power. The OA youth is independent of governments, parties or intergovernmental organization. It was formed in August 2009 as a direct result of the entry into force of the African Youth Charter, adopted by the general assembly of heads of states of the African Union in 2006. The full release reads: The organization of Africa youth wishes to congratulate the people of the Gambia in holding peaceful elections to choose their new national leader. We further wish to congratulate the state entities, the leadership at national level, participating political parties for their role in ensuring disciplined engagement for the progressive electoral process. We as a youth organization representing young people across the continent valued the importance of democracy in building the nation and securing it future. We further understand the fundamental role that that youth play in furthering of the national agenda towards sustainable development .this however can only be established within the strengthen of our systems to ensure that the voice of the people is amplified and made center priority in the implementation of legal procedure. Therefore, we call upon leaders on both sides to play their integral role in ensuring a smooth transition into the new phase in implementing the will of the people as displayed through the recent election. We further call for the strengthening of people’s resolution to have a peaceful transition into the new government administration. We further call for the protection of all progressive activists in the nation, and a collective condemnation of political violence aimed at them or any other individual in the name of this electoral transition process. We congratulate the president Elect, Adama Barrow on his election. We offer our hand of goodwill to work with his administration to give youth a meaningful place within the policy agenda of his administration in the forthcoming term. Youth engagement is a fundamental; part in nation building and thus, it is our responsibility as youth leaders to ensure meaningful intergenerational cooperation. We therefore commit to this process in this time.]]>

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