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Monday, October 2, 2023

AGA engages communities in tree planting


“The purpose of the tree-planting exercise is to combat deforestation and global warming. We also seek to re-establish the link between local communities and nature as well as remove the people out of the old day practices that led to loss of biodiversity and as well encourage community actions against the phenomenon of climate change”, said Gibairu Janneh, president of the association while urging the beneficiary communities to ensure that the trees planted are nurtured and fostered to bear fruits.  

Abdulrahim King, secretary general of the association informed the beneficiaries of the planted trees that their association aims to fight for the right to the dignity of albinos and create awareness for people about the extremely difficult conditions in which persons with albinism live in The Gambia. 

“Knowing that one of the gravest threats to persons with albinism in The Gambia is the ultraviolet rays of the sun which is of recent exacerbated by climate change, they deem it imperative to engage in community outreach with a tree-planting exercise”, he remarked. 

The beneficiaries thanked the association for the initiative and promised that they will endeavour to protect the trees for the benefit of their community. They further encouraged AGA to make tree-planting a constant activity. 


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