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Al-Qur’an academy donates copies of Qur’an to Taqwa Madrassa

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By Aminata S Kuyateh Al-Quran Academy Organisation on Thursday donated 100 copies of Qur’an to Taqwa Madrassa Banjul in a handing over ceremony held at the School Mosque. The charitable organisation, according to the organisation was founded by the youths of Banjul back in 2016, in partnership with Sheikh Mamudu Saheed, a leading Imam in Swansea, United Kingdom (UK) as the main funder. Speaking at the ceremony, Modou Lamin Bah, the co-founder of the organisation, said the objective of the organisation is to promote Islam in the country and help the poor and the needy, talking of this noble gesture that is given out Quran as a charity to young people that are studying it right now. “I believe it’s something somebody have to really comment. “We bought 200 copies of Quran, 100 were given to Taqwa madrassa which consists of four hundred students or more, 20 were given to one madrassa in Sukuta and the remaining 80 will be distributed within mosques and madrassas existing in Banjul north constituency. We will not stop here, we are going to make sure that more fund comes in the future” Mayor of Banjul, Abdoulie Bah, said: “We thank the Almighty ALLAH for the organisation to give out Quran as charity which we all know is Allah’s saying. The madrassa will benefit; they have something to learn that can help them today and in the future.” The imam of the Taqwa mosque, Outass Boye, hailed the donors for their intervention, saying this came at the time it is needed the most. “Everything has a direction or way to paradise is knowledge, as it is the important thing that helps an individual, communities and countries to achieve its goals. “Seeking knowledge is an obligation to Muslims, both male and female.” He is optimistic that the organisation will continue to offer more help to the madrassa.]]>

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