All set for the Great Senegambia Symposium


Addressing a press conference Sunday, Jarju revealed that about 70 Senegalese members of the SGAISD Senegalese chapter including journalists, trade unionists and ministers are expected in Banjul for the event.

“Relations between The Gambia and Senegal have occupied a central place in the hearts of both governments and SGAISD seeks to raise awareness of the unique close affinity among the people of Senegal and The Gambia at the grassroots level so as to boost efforts at removing the artificial boundaries and considerations.

“Aware of the fact that this venture requires huge resources, we have written to all potential partners to come forward and be part of this historic event that seeks to push the relations between the two people to even greater heights and remove negative notions and feelings about one another.” He said “there could be nothing nobler” than partnering with a venture that seeks to sensitise the people and leaders of the two countries to work towards bettering the lives of their people.


“We are happy to report that we have received positive encouragement from the State House after a meeting with the vice president who will attend the opening ceremony. We are in good company with Gamtel who have agreed to play a sponsorship role and we are open to all who wish to partner with us in one way or the other,” he urged.

The event will be held at the Paradise Suites Hotel from May 31 to June 1. Students and professors from Gambian and Senegalese universities are expected to give speeches on free trade, technological transfer, general integration matters between the two nations and so forth. 

It will be moderated by Dr Saidou Nouru Ba, a veteran diplomat and former executive secretary of the Senegalo-Gambian Permanent Secretariat.


By Lamin Cham