AMRC set to name, shame debtors


Mr Saikou Kujabi said his institution is faced with challenges in the recovery of debts. “Some of the debtors have either relocated or no longer in position to settle the debts,” he added. 

This came after Kujabi appeared before the public accounts and public enterprises committee of the Assembly when AMRC’s activity report and financial statement was being adopted. 

He further informed the PAC/PEC: “These loans were agricultural development loans given to farmers in the form of tractors, agricultural tools, and fishing gears. They were unsecured and management is finding it difficult to recover due to the nature in which the loans were disbursed.” 


He however said AMRC was able to collect the sum of D30, 000 for the year 2013, compared to a nil in 2012. 

“Concerning the development loans, if debtors are known, their family members might step in to assist in order to settle their loans, hence loans can be paid alive or even after death,” said the NAM for Upper Niumi, Mam Cherno Jallow.

Meanwhile, the PAC/PEC has also considered and adopted the activity and financial report of the Gambia National Library Services Authority. The location of the library came under scrutiny as lawmakers raised concerns about it being inconvenient. In response, the GNLA revealed that a piece land that was supposed to be allocated to the library was given by AMRC to an Indian company. Also, the NAM for Basse urged the library to decentralise its operations. 

He added: “Decentralising the operations of the library is important because rural Gambia will need it for research and other education purposes.”