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Another school boy drowns

According to eyewitnesses at the scene, Kebba and several of his friends were frolicking in the waters when the incident took place. 

Baba Jonfolo Ceesay, father of the deceased and resident of Wellingara told The Standard that as the summer school holidays were coming to an end, his son took leave of him expressly to visit his mother in Kerr Sering.  

“I gave him fare. He spent a week with his mother then called to inform me he was coming home as schools were reopening. Friday morning he called again and said his mother was washing his clothes and that Saturday morning he would finally come back. 

“But later that fateful Friday at around 5.30pm, while I was at work, I received a call informing me that my son had drowned at the sea in Bijilo with other people. That was the time I called his mother and asked her what happened to Kebba. She told me: ‘I don’t know because he was here with me washing his clothes’. She said she later realised that Kebba’s friends had picked him up and went to swim at the sea. While they were swimming, four of them suddenly drowned in the waters and they did not come out again.”

Kebba’s body was recovered on Saturday while the bodies of the others were reportedly found on Sunday.  

Of the tragedy that befell his son, Baba Jonfolo Ceesay, said: “They went for a swim but Allah decreed that he would never come out of the water. He was a very respectful young boy, kind and intelligent. I pray for Allah to grant mercy and forgiveness on his soul,” while wiping tears from his reddened eyes.

The remains of Kebba were interred at the Wellingara Cemetery Sunday evening. 

The Standard could not establish the identities of the three other youngsters said to have drowned with Kebba.


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