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According to reports reaching The Standard, Mr Sinara may have been stranded in Libya waiting for an opportunity to enter Europe through a Mediterranean sea route. However, his dreams of entering ‘Babylon’ crashed to a fatal halt when armed bandits attacked their residence in Ghadames, an oasis town 462 kilometres to the southwest of Tripoli, near the borders with Algeria  and Tunisia . 

“Sinara was killed when armed men came to attack our neighbourhood on Saturday, about midnight in Ghadames, Libya,” explained Bakary Jammeh, a native of Illiasa, Baddibu and former resident of Bundung Borehole who was a roommate of the deceased. 

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“The police promised to give us the body … for proper burial. Alfusainey was shot in his head and stomach while trying to close the door from the attackers who terrorised our neighborhood in the middle of Saturday night.

Condolences have been pouring on facebook where the news was announced on Sunday. “Libya is an outlaw country at the moment. Every man is a king… and can do what he or she wants to do. And it is not the police who are doing these but the criminals. Everyone has access to guns – both young and old,” said a friend of Mr Sinai from Libya.

Alfusainey Sinara’s remains were interred at a cemetery in Ghadames yesterday attended by many Gambian and African migrants reports said. 

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Neither the Libyan Embassy in Banjul nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Gambia could be reached for comment on the matter yesterday.

Author: Sanna Camara


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