Army chief urges Gambians to stay away from violence

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By Amadou Jadama on tour

Continuing his tour of military staff, installations and community leaders, Chief of Defense Staff Lieutenant General Yakuba Drammeh has said the first interest of any security officer is a society that nurtures the culture of peace and harmonious existence among itself.  “Peace is priceless and therefore its preservation and maintenance is should in fact be a preoccupation for every Gambian,” CDS Drammeh told community leaders, governors, sister security services during his tour.

“What I want Gambians to realise is that the country is too small a society to afford conflict. Violence is never an option so let us save our peace,” he said.


He noted that constructive and frank discussions can tackle any difference of opinion and address all difficulties.

According to the CDS, the role of the security is to ensure that the peace that people desire is sustained and durable.

“This therefore means that in uniform and those outside should work collectively towards the common objective of promoting peace and stability in the country,” he said.

He said the new technologies of communication have opened up risks of instability with people spreading misinformation, insults, provocations to instigate violence and these are challenges that we must all come together to discourage.

 He said there are many existing and strong lines of bondage among the people of the Gambia which makes them inseparable to be used by the politicians to divide them.

Minister of Defence, Sering Modou Njie and his Permanent Secretary Rohey Bittaye Darboe also called on Gambians not to allow to be divided by those people who do not have good intentions for this country.