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Arrdo, Muslim Aid give tobaski meat to Muslims


At Bakau where one of the qurbani was held, more than seventy people selected from families after a need assessment turned to up receive at least three kilos of beef.

Similar largesse was extended to Tin-tinto village in the Kombo North, Bereto in the Lower River Region, Gunjur,   Tujereng, as well as the Gambia Organisation for the Visually Impaired.

Speaking at the occasion, the executive director of Arrdo, Anusmana Dibba, introduced his organisation as the partners and implementing agency of the UK charity Muslim Aid, which is well known around the world.

“We oversee their charity activities such as feeding for the less-privileged and providing student bursaries for the needy and deserving students, in addition to the provision of safe-drinking water for selected areas needing access to safe drinking water. 

“The work of Muslim Aid in West Africa is well-recognised over the past years and it is increasingly relevant with the frequent occurrence of emergencies such as food insecurity and other calamities including even this Ebola now in the region. All these are humanitarian issues that the charity covers in their service for humanity,” Dibba said.

He added that Arrdo has worked hard to make the presence of Muslim Aid in The Gambia effective through the implementation of their programmes.

He said tobaski qurban was the latest of many similar activities and it was conducted on a budget of 3,800 British pounds, spent on the purchasing of cattle transport and other administrative costs.  

One of the beneficiaries, a woman, told The Standard that Arrdo and the Muslim Aid made a difference to the lives of many people providing them with much relief in time of need. “We are grateful to their work for humanity and we wish them progress and greater growth,” she emotionally said.

The qurbani were jointly supervised by Haddy Fatty, coordinator of Arrdo and finance officer Ismaila Njie.


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