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As she faces new criminal charges

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By Binta A Bah

As she continues to battle a civil suit at the high court, the Gambia police have instituted a criminal case for theft against socialite Aisha Fatty.

On Friday, the magistrates’ court in Banjul issued a bench warrant for her arrest after the prosecutor, Commissioner Abdoulie Sanneh, requested for an order from the court for her arrest to face charges. The application was granted and if found, Ms Fatty is expected to appear in court next month to answer to the charges.

During a period of adjournment in the high court trial, Ms Fatty was reported to have travelled abroad where she got married. But in an affidavit deposed with the court, she stated that she was in Turkey and seeking medical treatment.

In this new criminal suit brought by the state, Aisha Fatty is accused of stealing money, gold, and two Mercedes Benz Brabus vehicles from his now jilted fiancé, Abdoulaye Thiam, a Senegalese businessman.

She has been slammed with eight charges of theft: stealing US$380,000 equivalent to D19,500,000 given to her for the purpose of purchase of a villa at Fajara Waterfront; stealing US$150,000 equivalent to D7,696,500 for the construction of an office complex in The Gambia for their joint business; stealing 3,522.5 grams of gold valued at CFA123,305,500; stealing 5,745.93 grams of gold valued at CFA202,645,917; stealing CFA180,000,000 given to her by Thiam to purchase gold on his behalf; stealing CFA316,048,583 worth of gold for the purpose of sale which she converted to her own personal use; stealing a Mercedes Benz GLE63 Brabus value at US$240,000; and stealing another Mercedes Benz Brabus valued at US$102,000, all being the property of Mr Thiam.

The suit at the high court was brought by Mr Thiam whose statement of claim disclosed that Ms Fatty’s refusal to go ahead with a proposed marriage had caused him great financial losses, and embarrassment within the family, colleagues and friends who were duly invited to the planned wedding.

Mr Thiam said he is psychologically troubled by Aisha’s betrayal and that he will continue to suffer financial and reputation damages if the issues are not resolved in his favour.

Ms Fatty is contesting the charges.

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