Artist condemned for mimicking Jesus’s crucifixion


By Omar Bah

Operation No To Tribalism & Religious Intolerance, a non-partisan movement formed by Gambians from all walks of life, has condemned Bakau-based singer One Pac for mimicking Jesus dying on the cross.

A picture of the singer half-naked and attached to a cross appeared online yesterday sparking outraged among Gambian Christians. The picture was meant to promote an upcoming concert ‘The Return of Gambia’s Heavyweight’.


The movement’s chairman Kebba Ceesay, told The Standard: “We strongly condemn this appalling mockery against Christians, and our deepest sympathy goes to them. This is a matter of grave concern. We call on the authorities to ensure that the perpetrators are cautioned.”

“This has to be seen in terms of religious intolerance and it must be condemned in the strongest of terms. We are definitely not happy with what One Pac did. We hate it. We have been living together with Christians for years and our artistes are the last people expected to try to divide us. They should be unifying us,” Ceesay said.

He said it is in the interest of all Gambians to maintain the peace and tranquility that exists between Muslims and Christian communities.

“Yes, we may be live in a pretty politically-divided country, but as Gambians, we need to make sure that whatever we think politically, we clearly and loudly condemn any ideology that espouses bigotry, hatred, discrimination, and violence. We want to continue living peacefully with our Christians brothers and sisters,” he said.

He said his movement demands that One Pac offer his apology to the Christian community.