Karamba Touray stated this on Wednesday in a report tabled before lawmakers comprising the Public Accounts and Public Enterprises Committee of the National Assembly in Banjul.

He said: “For the period January 1 2007 to December 31 2009, the National Sports Council is operating a self-accounting system but without its own accounting manual and as such they are required to follow government financial regulations. We noted a number of weaknesses in the council financial accounting function and as a result, there was significant delay in the execution and completion of the audit. The accounts unit of the council lacks capacity both in terms of staff and qualified staff to put in place sound accounting system and reporting that will meet the needs of various stakeholders. It is manned by one staff, the accountant. Given the resources of the council, the accounts unit should be headed by a qualified accountant and staffed adequately to meet the financial management requirements of the Act in maintaining proper books of accounts and preparation of annual financial statement.

“The council received a donation of D460,000 from various institutions in The Gambia on behalf of the Ministry of Youth and Sports who were organising the Fifa/Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy tour held in The Gambia in 2009. 


“The amount of D460,000 was paid to Mr Abdoulie M Kah, deputy permanent secretary at the Ministry of Youth and Sports by an open cheque number 03856453 on completion of payment voucher number 127 dated 06 October 2009. We held discussion with the NSC executive secretary and accountant with regard to the accountability of the D460,000, but we were informed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports were the organisers of the tour and were responsible for the accountability of the fund as they were just collecting donations on behalf of the ministry.

“Following our discussion with the NSC, we contacted Mr Kah who acknowledged receipt of the cheque for 460,000 dalasis cashed by him. Upon receiving the cash, he said it was given to the Minister of Interior at the time, Hon Ousman Sonko who was overseeing the Ministry of Youth and Sports due to the sickness of the minister. The amount, according to Mr Kah, was disbursed to various organising sub-committees within the organising committee for the expenses of the World Cup trophy tour.

“When DPS Kah was further asked about the retirement for the sum, he informed us that he would liaise with the Minister of Interior for submission for audit inspection but the retirement was not produced as at the time of finalising the report and there is a risk that the amount might not be spent for the purpose it was meant.”