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Awa Gambie to launch mix tape at Damia’s kids show

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By Juldeh Njie Gambian music sensation Awa Jonga, aka Awa Gambie, will next month launch her mix tape at a kids fashion show organised by Damia for Kids. Damia for Kids is an entertainment and fashion body established by fashion star and CEO of Gambia Entertainment Awa Drammeh to give Gambian children the platform to showcase their talents. “If the Senegalese and others can do it for their kids, I think we Gambians can also do it for our kids,” Ms Drammeh told entertainment journalists at a press conference in Pipeline. The kids show according to her, will target at least 15 children aged 4-14 starting with an audition this week. “This is the first ever audition that we are doing for the kids. It will be on the 25th of this month at the Seaview Garden Hotel.” In collaboration with Icey Wonderland, Ms Drammeh eyes a successful event as she hopes to develop the initiative into an annual event, reaching all Gambian children. “The love I have for kids made me come up with this name. We are here purposely to create different entertainment activities for kids. We lack that in the Gambia, so I came up with this idea of having a fashion show for the kids.” Highlighting on the ‘amazing part of the show’, Ms Drammeh said: “The amazing part is not only a fashion show. It’s going to be a fashion show and Awa Gambie mix tape launching. The girl is really amazing and talented. So we are trying to bring these two ideas together and make it a superb event for the kids.” She entreated young Gambians to take up a career in fashion and entertainment. “Fashion is a very big industry,” she said, “you cannot be a fashion model, you can be a designer. You can work in different aspects when it comes to fashion. “This is why I came up with this idea. I want to show the kids that they can be something bigger than what they think they are. These kids, they amaze me. I have so many kids that are really into this and are waiting for the day to come and show people what they can do this. This is not a foreign event. Its sunu buss and we want to make it amazing. We are proud Gambians doing this for our Gambian kids. So I want this event to be viral and be one of the biggest events.”]]>

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