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BAC rebuffs Observer reporter’s ‘biased’ story

The management of Brikama Area Council (BAC) has rebuffed an article published in the Daily Observer newspaper dated 9-11 June, which was captioned ‘Brikama car park turns dumpsite.’
In a rejoinder sent to The Standard after they claimed Observer refused to publish it, the management accused the author of “biased” reporting and of “violating the classic words of balance reporting, objectivity and impartiality in ethical journalism.”

The rejoinder states: “The published article was not balanced as it does not present all sides of the story. Mr [Modou Lamin] Jammeh has failed to make efforts to reach the relevant authority of Council for comment on the story that mentions Council in an effort to uphold the principle of objectivity.”

“The first paragraph of the published article which reads ‘The Brikama’s main car park has totally been turned to a dumpsite thanks to the negligence of duty by Brikama Area Council (BAC) as drivers and vendors who are directly affected by the menace urged the immediate cleansing of the site’ essentially indicate that your reporter approach the theme of the report in a biased manner  but also with emotional attitude thus failing to strive for accuracy and truth, thereby slant the report to his desired conclusion that the entire car park is turned into a dumpsite.”

The rejoinder further stressed that the second paragraph of the story which states that ‘garbage have dominated the car park for about three months without cleansing or collection of garbage as mandated of BAC,’ gave an inaccurate and unfair representation of facts.

“Our teams of laborers are frequently collecting garbage from the car park and the days of interval between collections of garbage from the car park do not exceed three days maximum.
“We wish to state that the information mentioned in the article are not authoritatively sourced and verified.
It added: “The Council is aware of its mandate in ensuring waste generated within the car park ae collected and disposed of adequately and promptly, leading to a clean, healthy and hygienic car park as a relevant point of transit to various locations in the country and beyond.

“We wish to reiterate that majority of garbage found in the car park We wish to reiterate that majority of garbage found in the car park are not generated by the activities of  the car park rather they are household waste transported into the car park at night or later evenings by residents of neighboring communities.
“Furthermore, wish to place on record, that no part of the Brikama Car Park is designated by council as official dumpsite and strongly condemn the inhumane and indiscriminate disposal of garbage into the car park which posed health hazard to the users of the car park in particular and the public in general. Anyone found wanting will be dealt with according to law.

“In that respect, the Management of Council is constructively continuing to engage all relevant stakeholders such as the transport control association (representing drivers), community representatives, National environment agency, Brikama police station and vendors with a view to implement measures to halt the menace of indiscriminate waste dumping and illegal dumping into the car park.”

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