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Barrow: Forming a party is up to Gambians

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President Adama Barrow has revealed that the decision to form a political party is up to the people of The Gambia, and not him as an individual, stressing that he would go by whatever the people want.

”The answer to the question of forming my own party is up to the people. The ball is in your court. I will go by whatever you want,” President Barrow said in response to calls from the leadership of both Kombo East and the Council of Elders of The Gambia (Alfaa Kaafo), who visited him over the weekend to strongly advise that he establish his own party.
Addressing the gathering, the President also indicated that while his political opponents are preoccupied with their efforts at derailing the country, he is focused on the task of nation-building and carrying out the country’s much-needed reforms for the good of the Gambian people.

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Speaking on behalf of his group, influential KMC politician, Undaa Nyang, Chairman of the Gambia Alfaa Kafoo revealed that majority of the country are anxiously waiting for the moment the President would make such an announcement.

“But, in fact, we will not wait for the president to form anything. We will establish the party and impose the leadership on him in 2021”, Nyang said, describing the president as a humble, compassionate, respectful, and visionary leader.

He said the Gambia Alfa Kaafo comprises people who are respected influential people from across the country who are also extremely loyal and committed to the agenda of the President. Nyang further stated that they are ready to support him to victory in 2021, the same way they did in 2016.

The weekend meeting is the first time President Barrow came close to revealing which direction his 2021 political agenda will take him since parting ways with his native UDP. While many had thought he may join existing parties sympathetic to him in the Coalition, others speculated he will form his own party, with some even suggesting it will be called the National Development Party NDP, to rhyme with his government blue print for national development.

One political observer contacted by The Standard on the State House meeting, said the meeting resembled one convened in 1996 by people mobilized by ex-president Jammeh’s supporters masquerading themselves as ‘Opinion Leaders’ with a similar message for him to contest elections.

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