‘Barrow gov’t is to blame for the failures of the past 4 years’


By Momodou Darboe

The UDP spokesperson for North Bank Region has reasoned that the lamentations of the masses over grinding water problems, food poverty, insecurity, health facilities running out of basic medical supplies, among other challenges, are manifestations of the ineptitude of the Barrow administration.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard on President Barrow’s ongoing meet the people’s tour, Karamo Njie said: “Having traversed the NBR, crisscrossed the CRR and visited even the remotest villages in the URR, President Barrow’s conscience must now be pricking him at the failure of his administration’s policies to deliver.”


He added: “One of the features of the presidential tour is cries over the scarcity or absence of life’s essentials. Rural Gambia is depressed. Widespread poverty, crime, unemployment, water scarcity, unpaved roads, electricity woes and food insecurity are threateningly pushing to the edge the already extreme poor Gambians.”

According to Njie, the tour has laid bare the sheer policy debacles of this administration, saying the president and his officials must have been battling with their conscience all along the presidential engagement.

To the UDP NBR spokesperson President Barrow has, throughout his tour, sought to consolidate his ‘struggling’ NPP at the expense of the Gambian masses.

“All what he [Barrow] was interested in is feathering the nest and buttering the bread of the NPP. He’s disinterested in the plight of the farmers whose cries over hardships are growing deafening,” he chastised the president.

Njie asserted that President Barrow has manifested his inability to deal with the country’s development problems and that he must be retired come 2021.

Commenting on Barrow’s statement about how he ‘salvaged’ many Gambians from Jammeh after the 2016 polls, Njie snapped: “Instead of bravado about how he purportedly saved many Gambians from going to jail had Jammeh won, Barrow should advise himself to be grateful to those who stayed behind whilst he fled to Senegal in 2016.”

On Minister Hamat Bah, the UDP NBR image-maker said with glee that the minister is estranging people from Barrow and causing distractions lethal to the president’s political interest.