Barrow sends Speaker Jack to Tanor Dieng’s funeral


State House, Banjul, – President Barrow has dispatched a delegation led by the Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly, Mrs. Mariam Jack-Denton to attend the funeral of Mr. Ousmane Tanor Dieng a former Prime Minster and prominent politician in Senegal. Mr Dieng died on Monday, aged 72.

He had lived a fulfilling life, holding various public and political portfolios including being the First Secretary of the Socialist Party of Senegal – PS and until his death a member of President Sall’s Coalition Government. In 1996, Mr. Dieng became the Vice-President of the Socialist International.

President Adama Barrow extends his heartfelt condolences to His Excellency and dear brother, President Macky Sall on the great loss.