Barrow speaks on removal of ‘cabinet detractors’


By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has said that his development ambitions were hampered by the coalition government saying if Gambians voted for massively for his new National People’s Party in 2021 they would see unprecedented development.

The president stated in a meeting in Lower Fulladu and Jarra East as part of his ongoing Meet the People’s Tour that his construction of roads, bridges, electricity expansion, governance, justice and economic improvement are just the tip of an iceberg of what Gambians should expected if he is re-elected in office next year.


“I am calling on all of you to ensure that in 2021 the president, the chairmen, the mayors, and the National Assembly Members, are all NPP. [What we have now] is a coalition and it has affected some of our plans because we have those on the left and those on the right.  That was why we sacked all of them which led to the realisation of all these ongoing development projects,” Barrow added.

He assured new NPP entrants that the party would accord equal respect to all of its members.

Minister of Agriculture Amie Fabureh urged women to end taking the back seat in politics.

“Politics is not all about clapping, it’s about participation, that is why I urge all women to asked their children above 18 to register for the upcoming elections to ensure President Barrow regains his seat and continues the development,” Fabureh stated.

Health Minister Ahmadou Samateh described President Barrow as “a gift to Gambians” after long prayers by the people seeking for a visionary and sympathetic leader who will have the love of his people at heart.

He narrated how he and other doctors at the EFSTH had struggled under the former regime to provide effective health care delivery to poor Gambians patients.

“Sometimes we [doctors] would even give our own money to patients to go and purchase surgical materials outside but all that has stopped thanks to the coming of President Barrow. Today, all types of medicines are available in our health facilities, coupled with the purchase of equipment and construction of new health facilities,” Samateh stated.