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Bass calls for ban on APRC

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By Alagie Manneh

Outspoken politician and one-time staunch supporter of the APRC Basiru Gassama alais Bass, has called for a ban on his former party.

Bass said the APRC has committed severe atrocities during its 22-year rule of the country, and must be banned to put a stop to the ongoing ‘nonsense’ its supporters are doing.
“APRC should be banned like how ex-President Jammeh banned the PPP and NCP. If Yahya Jammeh was able to ban opposition NCP, I don’t think APRC should be spared in this new government, with all these revelations now coming out of how they were running our country, killing civilians and embezzling the economy and a lot of horrible crimes. We Gambians were not aware of these crimes being done in our name, being done against our own people,” Mr Bass said.

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According to the outspoken politician, patriotic Gambians must stay away from APRC.
“Yes, anybody who is sensible should not stand to sell the ideology of the APRC.
”They were the ones who went to the court house trying to urge the former President not to accept defeat, trying to bring chaos here. Such people, you think are credible to stand in front of people, to represent them?” he asked. “Gambia is too small. We all have seen and are reading in the newspapers what the former regime has done. Ebou Lowe and others, Daba Marenah and others, RSM Bah and others. What did they say? They had an accident. You never see that vehicle on the highway.”

The outspoken politician said life is precious, and that it is regrettable the former regime took pride in ending people’s lives and disappearing them into wild forests.
He also talked about the APRCs chances in the upcoming April polls, saying the people of Bakau will only vote for them “Over our dead bodies.”

The controversial opposition further alleged that ‘Borom Bakau’ was the cause of the APRC’s misfortune in the December polls in Bakau.
Pressed to identify who ‘Borom Bakau’ is, Bass maintained: “No, when I say Borom Bakau, it’s Borom Bakau. You know who I am talking about, but I am not here for political assassination.
Mr Bass also used the occasion to call on Rambo Jatta to keep quiet or join the majority, like he did when he cross-carpeted to the APRC.

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“He is now opposition, but we the people of Bakau will never be dragged into his foolishness. And tomorrow Assan Touray will have victory over Kumba Barry, somebody whose secondary school education did not even finish. Her relation with the community here, we all know it.”

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